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CHICAGO Authentic Joe Namath Jersey , Sept. 11 (Xinhua) -- A new study by University of Illinois (UI) researchers found that monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), a class of nutrients found in olive oils, nuts and avocados, are linked to general intelligence Authentic ArDarius Stewart Jersey , and that this relationship is driven by the correlation between MUFAs and the organization of the brain's attention network.

The researchers studied 99 healthy older adults recruited through Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana, compared their patterns of fatty acid nutrients found in blood samples, functional MRI data that measured the efficiency of brain networks, and results of a general intelligence test.

The researchers found that general intelligence was associated with the brain's dorsal attention network Authentic Marcus Maye Jersey , which plays a central role in attention-demanding tasks and everyday problem solving. In particular, the researchers found that general intelligence was associated with how efficiently the dorsal attention network is functionally organized using a measure called small-world propensity, which describes how well the neural network is connected within locally clustered regions as well as across globally integrated systems.

They found that those with higher levels of MUFAs in their blood had greater small-world propensity in their dorsal attention network. Taken together with an observed correlation between higher levels of MUFAs and greater general intelligence, these findings suggest a pathway by which MUFAs affect cognition.

"Our findings provide novel evidence that MUFAs are related to a very specific brain network Authentic Leonard Williams Jersey , the dorsal attentional network, and how optimal this network is functionally organized," said UI psychology professor and the study leader Aron Barbey. "Our results suggest that if we want to understand the relationship between MUFAs and general intelligence, we need to take the dorsal attention network into account. It's part of the underlying mechanism that contributes to their relationship."

Barbey hopes these findings will guide further research into how nutrition affects cognition and intelligence. In particular Authentic Darron Lee Jersey , the next step is to run an interventional study over time to see whether long-term MUFA intake influences brain network organization and intelligence.

Part of any business’s online marketing strategy today should include Facebook. You will be missing out on the untapped potential of using the largest social network in the world if you are not willing to take advantage of all it has to offer. There are many ways you can actually leverage this brilliant network comprising of millions of real people, but how you do it is what matters. Something you should be asking yourself is, what is the best way for my business to use Facebook? This is such a great opportunity, so how are you being proactive and taking steps to make the most of it?

Use a Fan Page Picture that is Dynamic: This is an important tool for your business’s social media strategy on Facebook. To reach your target Authentic Jamal Adams Jersey , you must realize that every element on your page is crucial. Using the wrong picture or not effectively using the space on your Facebook page can be a hindrance to your business’s social media strategy. There鈥檚 a reason why Facebook has provided you the option to put up a big picture on your page – they know that companies, big and small will want to build a brand. So make sure you鈥檙e using a picture that goes hand in hand with your page. An attractive picture should be clear and concise so that it can pass on the message to your target audience. Make sure you Request Friends Properly: When you ask people to be friends with you on your business Facebook account, be sure that you’re not letting those requests go out without attached messages. On Facebook, you have the opportunity to create and send personal messages with your friend requests; don’t ignore this opportunity. The reason for this is Authentic Sam Darnold Jersey , if you鈥檙e adding someone who doesn鈥檛 know you personally, they may reject your request. Explain in your message how you came to know about them on Facebook and then explain why you’d like to form a relationship with them. This is going to give them a better idea about your intentions and help make it clear that you are only hoping to create a professional connection.

It’s As Real As It Gets: Don’t forget that social media is made up of real people. This is really why you need to keep your interactions engaging and entertaining; because when you don’t, people are more likely to ignore you. Facebook is a World Wide Audience: Facebook offers you a reach so large that it is important to remember that you will always be interacting in front of a global audience while you are on the network. No matter what steps you take towards talking with your friends and fans, you need to remember that it is important that absolutely everyone understands your message.

All in all Authentic Trenton Cannon Jersey , Facebook is growing day by day, and if you want your business to reach out to your target audience effectively, you should start using the social network for achieving your business goals. If you haven鈥檛 used Facebook for your business before, now鈥檚 the time Authentic Chris Herndon Jersey , because the Internet is no longer in the infancy stage and Facebook is the new mantra.

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